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Author: Tomas Moniz
Edited by: Lilliam Rivera
Cover by: Tuna Bora
Pages: 148
ISBN-13: 978-0615884196
ISBN-10: 0615884199

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Bellies and Buffalos

At thirty-five, Sonny Gutierrez lives a comfortable life in San Jose, California with his wife and young daughter. When he discovers a long lost son, Sonny finds himself on a cross-country road trip with a 20-year-old pregnant woman, robbing a Git-N-Go store, and running with a herd of buffalo. Bellies and Buffalos is a story about letting go, getting lost, and returning home.

“Author Tomas Moniz’s take on the literary road trip is both hilarious and poignant. Slightly overweight Sonny Gutierrez is a guidance counselor whose safe life has reached a level of complacency. When he meets Julia Camarone, Sonny’s contained home is turned upside down as they go on an unexpected cross-country road trip in search of forgiveness and family. With great moments of laughter and depth, Bellies and Buffalos solidifies Moniz’s unique voice.”

–Lilliam Rivera, Editor